Where to play bowling on your first romantic date

Even if it’s your hundredth time going on a first date, you are still feeling the pressure and thinking about what place to pick, for sure. Well, you have certainly made some mistakes in the past, and just a few right things, when speaking of locations, but since you are here, it is guaranteed that from now on you will only pick the right ones. Escorts might also know one or two places where you can take your first date to and get the romantic experience that everyone is looking for. So why don’t you ask one and see where she will take you, it’ll most certainly never be a restaurant, cafe or a hotel. A Prague escort will take you to play bowling, to an sport event or even a concert, because there you can both have fun, talk and get the pretty moments which build up the romantic atmosphere.


How to play bowling and be romantic at the same time

If you go to a normal bowling arena where children are together with their parents and old people try to test their bones, you won’t feel any romance at all. But if you choose the right place and plan a beautiful walk afterwards, then you will see how romantic it could get. In Prague, together with escorts, you are able to experience this and Victoria Bowling is one of the right places for that. A Cafe is a part of the arena, so you can sit there, enjoy a coffee or even some food while you are waiting for your turn. What makes it so adequate for such an occasion as a romantic date is the atmosphere there, the interior design and the semi official look. It is like perfect for you and your stunning Prague escort like those from http://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-prague-177/┬áthat you can find on Escort Directory. But make sure to check the other following ideas on this list, so you don’t miss on an even better opportunity to impress the lady you are going out with.

Impress with your bowling skills

Many think of bowling similar as they think of golfing, the position before and while you are taking the shot is of high importance, and they are right. You must know how to swing your arms and legs, so you can coordinate your shot in the best manner to your eye perception. Escorts might know this, so, if you are not a professional, you might fall in the shadow and have no chance of impressing her with your skills. But don’t be afraid, there are some good tips that might help you become much better and make the beautiful lady believe you are a pro.

Hold the ball firmly and never let it just fall out of your hand, the best is to use your thumb, middle and ring finger. When you are taking the swing, point the inner side of your palm towards the direction in which the ball should go, say that to your Prague escort, she will appreciate the help. After the bowling session, go out and walk a little around the city, it is beautiful and quite romantic on its own, so you don’t need any fancy places to go to. Make sure the weather will be ok, so you and your escorts can enjoy hours just walking around and seeing all the breathtaking places one could only imagine.